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As a dynamically developing company, we are at the forefront in the production of PET bottles in Hungary. We have 20 years of professional experience behind us.

In addition to our cosmetic, chemical and food product, we try to meet market ecpectations by distributing various caps, trigger sprayers and pumps.

We believe that the most effective strategy is to keep up with innovation while mastering current trends. Our 3000 m2 plant equipped with NISSEI, SMI-GROUP and POLIOL automatic machines. We produce transparent or colored PET bottles from petform and granules in individual shapes, in a wide range from 50 ml to 5 liters.

Our work is also our mission, as the key to success is the satisfaction of our partners. In case of special needs, we help to realize the ideas of our customers with 3D design. In the spirit of enviromental awareness, we also provide the opportunity to purchase products made from recycled raw material.

Solution for PET bottles is GAROTA.
I hope to welcome each other as partners soon!
Best regards, Thomas Nyul, Company Owner