EU Support

Investment to increase production capacity
Name of the beneficiary: GAROTA Plastic Packaging Manufacturer and Distributor Limited Liability Company

Title of the project: Investment at GAROTA Kft. To help increase production capacity.

The amount of the contracted support: HUF 33,054,838

Aid intensity or amount: 50%

Presentation of the content of the project: Within the framework of the present project, GAROTA Kft. machine adapts to the current profile of the company and is intended to facilitate the development of the manufacturer's business. The Nissei-type tooling machine is one of the most advanced technology available on the market. It is easy to program during the production process, its capacity also fits the company's ideas and the expectations of the market. It is also easy to tool if you need to make any changes to the end product. The Boge SRHV 470-10 Oil Lubricated Booster Compressor is also essential during production. With this equipment, the pressure generated in the production machines can be increased, which results in the improvement of the quality of the final product and the acceleration of the production process.

Completion date of the project: 15.05.2019.

Project identification number: GINOP-1.2.1-16-2017-00596